Three American tourists involved in a fatal crash in Nicosia

Three young American females on a short visit to Cyprus are facing charges of endangerment, and reckless driving in Nicosia after a ghastly car crash.

Pending the results of the ongoing investigation and forensic report to be released, the driver who arrived in the country on Tuesday may stand charges of reckless endangerment – further investigation and inquiry uncovered that the accused was driving with an unauthorized license. The devastating car accident led to seven injuries with one of the injured in intensive care.

Initial reports suggests that the three girls were traveling in a Renault Megane airport rental to Ercan via route 19 a little past 1p.m. Wednesday 23rd September attempted to overtake a silver BMW x5 on the Route-19 highway.

The driver was said to have sideswiped the BMW x5 vehicle and in-turn lost control and sped out of control, her vehicle slammed into the BMW, pushing it through a guardrail and into the eastbound lanes.

Both vehicles rolled over into oncoming traffic traveling eastbound. The first victim to be discovered was a teenager, found lying in the roadway.

Other survivors were taken to the nearest hospital with injuries ranging from fractured pelvis, to ruptured lungs, displaced neck and broken arms. The driver and the girl sitting next to her are currently in the intensive care unit while the third sitting at the back seat sustained minor cuts, bruises and concussion but the same cannot be said for the passengers of other vehicles involved in the crash who suffered injuries ranging from multiple rib fractures to broken arm and are currently hospitalized.

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